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Bosses We Love to Hate

In Forbidden Boss, a super sexy contemporary romance, the heroine, Crystal, works for a hot Brazilian boss. She’s smart, snarky, and doesn’t let him get away with things like most people around him. They share a good chemistry, but they’re boss/employee and nothing more.

Until… he has to visit a couples’ only resort in Brazil and summons her to go with him as his fake girlfriend so he can scout the place to decide if he’ll invest on it. Since she needs a date to attend a dreaded high school reunion, she agrees, as long as they keep their relationship Platonic. 

Once they’re under the same roof, anything can happen… 

I absolutely love boss/employee tropes! I also love movies and TV shows with deliciously bad bosses.

How about you? In your opinion, who are the best/worst TV/Movie Bosses? Tweet at me @CarmenExpress and let’s chat! 

Top 5 Villain Bosses We Love to Hate 

1-Miranda Priestly in The Devils Wear Prada

2-Michael Scott in The Office

3-Dr. Julia Harrisin Horrible Bosses

4-Mr. Burns in The Simpsons 

5-Bill Lumbergh in Office Space 



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