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Contemporary Romance Readers: 5 reasons to be PROUD of our genre.

If you have been reading romance novels for many years (like I have), I’m guessing you’ve encountered a few high-brow, hoity-toity reactions to your preferred reading material.

It goes something like this: “Oh, you like reading those trashy novels… Don’t you find them to be overly predictable?”

Umm, no. The only predictable thing about a fantastic romance novel is that we will be rewarded at the end with a marvelous happily ever after (HEA). Escaping into a book that puts beloved characters through numerous trials and tribulations before giving them a fairytale happy ending is a marvelous pastime.

Should we let judgmental readers (the self-appointed reading police) shame us into hiding our romance novel covers behind more literary selections? No way…

Here are 5 reasons why contemporary romance readers should be proud:

1) Happily ever after endings are a great escape. Real life has enough problems. When we dive into a romance, it’s comforting to know that no matter what happens along the way, it will all work out in the end. Other genre readers don’t have the luxury of enjoying the confidence that the end of a book will be fulfilling.

2) Romance heroines kick butt. These fierce women know what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it. Strong women rule in the romance genre. Even when an alpha male bad-boy is featured as the hero, the heroine usually turns out to be the tough one.

3) Romance novels are usually written by women. Men do write and read romance, but the genre is predominantly female. Let’s support each other. Besides, many authors (myself included) write what they would like to read. It’s fun to inhabit another woman’s imaginary world for a few hundred pages.

4) Reading romance is a guilty pleasure, and we deserve it. Women work hard. We are on the go all the time. Without us, things quickly grind to a halt. We can’t work all the time, though. We need some quality ‘me-time’ to be at our best. A page-turning romance novel is as comforting to the soul as a warm brownie topped by a hot fudge sundae, and it has a lot less calories. It’s time to indulge a little.

5) Romance tropes are fun. Who hasn’t dreamed of a swoon-worthy, handsome-as-sin billionaire swooping in to carry us away from all of our troubles? I know I have, and guess what… I enjoy it. Romance novels bring our fantasies (or those of our favorite authors) to life. What’s not to love about that?

So, should you hide your face in shame when you’re caught reading a romance novel? Absolutely not! We are bold, smart, imaginative beings, and we deserve to read what makes us happy.

Read what you like and don’t apologize for it. Romance rocks!

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