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Fifteen Contemporary Romances that have Hot Sexy Men to Love!

Fifteen Contemporary Romances that had Hot Sexy Men to love by Victoria Pinder

Winter is coming or so they say. So to stay warm on these cold nights, I wanted to talk about my recent list of hot heroes. Some of these are my friends books and some of the authors who always inspire me. If you’ve not read these then I recommend you start NOW!

Before I start my list, I want to mention my Hidden Michael that I wrote last month, stared a bit of a tortured hero who is out for revenge.

Now onto the Fifteen in no particular order.

o First is Cristiane Serruya, From the Baroness's Diary III, where the poor heroine must go to Italy and the choose between her sexy Italian heroes. Or not.

o Second is Bella Andre and the Look of Love which his part of the sexy Sullivans. This hero is a photographer so he’s clearly attracted to the different and interesting. I love men like that.

o Third is Melissa Foster’s The Real Thing. This is an actor with a bad reputation who needs to clean up his name. Bad boy and best friend all rolled up in one guy.

o Fourth is Michele de Winton’s Making over Maya. This is fashion mogul Dominic Wolfe is stylish and sexy in a beach version of My Fair Lady.

o Fifth is Tara L. Ames’s The Soul Shaker. This military hero and rancher all rolled up into one.

o Sixth is Michelle Mankin’s Oceanside. (Can you tell this author is liking the beach these day as she gazes out her window toward the Rockies?) But this beach story stars a rock star and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love men who can have anything they want.

o Seventh is the goddess herself, Nora Roberts’s Stars of Fortune. I didn’t know magicians were sexy but this one had me thinking Hugh Jackman all over again.

o Eighth is KL Brady, her Perfect Catch. This one had a bit of a triangle between the best friend and the football player. And her struggle to accept a football star just had me smiling and wishing for a movie.

o Ninth is way sexier from AC Nixon’s Fractured. This billionaire has diamonds and that’s impossibly attractive to the thief heroine. Check this one out if you’re looking for some spice.

o Tenth is the immeasurable Marie Force’s the Quantum Books. These books were extremely sexy and my first read by her, though definitely not the last. (I got out of my author bubble for this one and I was so happy I did.)

o Eleventh on my list is Kristen Proby. This was another that was always on ‘I should read list.’ And Eli had me thinking all about those hot Cajun men in new Orleans.

o Twelth on my list was Dylann Crush’s All American Cowboy. This one had me wishing to head out west and wear a cowboy hat.

o Thirteenth on my list was Ann Omasta with Guarding Grace. This television celebrity gets the love of his life and a cute dog all in one package.

o Fourteenth on my list was Carly Phillips’s Fearless. Kane Harmon was so interesting to uncover and quite a fun read.

o And Fifteenth on my list was Roxanne St. Claire’s Sit, Stay, Beg. I picked this one up because of the hot guy and dog cover plus the good cause. But Garret, the hero, blew me away (more than the dog) because he’s a former CEO turned dog rescuer with secrets galore.

So I hope you enjoyed this month’s roundup of 15 sexy men and books to read because book boyfriends are always fun to talk about.


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