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Topping Dylann's TBR Pile

With the chaos of the holidays behind me and nothing but months of terrifying wind chills and freezing temperatures ahead, I’ve decided it’s time to dig into my overflowing to-be-read pile. Do you have one too? A precariously perched stack of paperbacks sitting on the nightstand that’s accumulated over the past year?

Mine has overflowed onto the ground beside the bed, built up from attending romance writer’s conventions and book fairs where it’s so easy to slip “just one more” into my bag. That’s why I carry an extra suitcase, right?

So here are a few of the books sitting at the top of my pile…

Don’t Close Your Eyes by Christie Craig – I loved her contemporary romances and I can’t wait to dig into one of her romantic suspense books.

In this dark and dangerous Texas small town, Annie Lakes' nightmares come alive when a cold case from her past reveals family secrets that put her life in jeopardy.

Annie Lakes has had the same recurring nightmare for years. Her heart pounding in her chest. A panicked voice, begging her to run faster. Her own bloodcurdling scream. But now Annie is starting to realize it's more than just a bad dream. She's starting to remember things about the night her cousin Jenny disappeared all those years ago.

Things that make her believe her family was involved--and what they're hiding is much worse than she ever imagined. But she can't unravel this alone. She needs someone she can trust, someone like sexy Detective Mark Sutton.

Mark has seen enough--too much--to assume that Annie's story is a dead end. It turns out that her family is hiding some killer secrets. A long time ago, Annie was just an innocent little girl who saw something she shouldn't. Now she's a target, and Mark's running out of time to protect the woman he's starting to fall for. But how does Mark face off against a murderer who just may be someone Annie loves?

Lights Out Lucy by Elicia Hyder – I picked this one up at the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend in Milwaukee last April. I haven’t read Elicia Hyder before but I loved her energy and this book sounds like tons of fun.

Lucy Cooper isn't looking for love when she finds it—or slams into it, rather—during rush hour traffic. But her heart, like her car, is a total loss the moment West Adler steps out of his truck to inspect the damage. West truly is the perfect guy: handsome, funny, rich. The benefactor of not one, but two children's hospitals. And he's the main sponsor of the Music City Rollers, Nashville's championship roller derby team. When Lucy discovers the Rollers are actively recruiting "Fresh Meat," she puts her life on the line to catch West Adler's attention. But will accident-prone Lucy skate off with the heart of Nashville's Most Eligible Bachelor? Or will she get herself killed in a sport that promises, "It's not a matter of if you'll get hurt—but of how bad and when."

Tempting Dusty by Helen Hardt – Am I the only romance reader who hasn’t read this book yet? It seems like it! I keep hearing people talk about this series so I’m ready to dive in.

Dusty O’Donovan doesn’t fear a feisty stud bull deemed untamable.

The accomplished rider knows life presents much more fearsome challenges.

The animal’s owner, Zach McCray, is offering half a million dollars to anyone who can stay on him for a full eight seconds.

That purse would go a long way to help Dusty and her brother rebuild their nearly bankrupt ranch.

Will Zach let a woman ride his bull? Not likely.

Still, the headstrong Dusty intrigues him. Her father worked on the McCray ranch years ago, and Zach remembers her as a little girl when he was a cocky teen.

Times change, and now she’s a beautiful and desirable young woman.

A few passionate kisses leave Zach wanting more, but will Dusty’s secrets tear them apart?

How about you? What’s tipping off the top of your to-be-read pile?



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