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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Confession: Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I know, call me cheesy, but I simply adore all things heart, the color red and showing appreciation in general.

Do you exchange gifts with your significant other?

Check out my top three ideas for you to please the special person in your life:

Mancrates - These things are amazing! Whether your guy is into cars or barbecue, you’ll find great ideas that fit almost every taste. I particularly love their practical project kits.

Subscription for dollar shave club - This is a very practical gift for the pragmatic person in your life! They have awesome subscriptions for guys and gals, and some of them even include toiletries.

Do it yourself: sex coupons. It’s hard to top this one… it can be free, and yet it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Haha. Not feeling like doing the work? No problem! You can also personalize and order here.

These are my go-to ideas. Hope your Valentine’s Day is magical.

Single on Heart Day? No worries!

Pop a bubbly and grab One Heart, A Valentine's Collection by Yours Ever After Authors, our free collection of novellas and new HEA epilogues to read in the tub.

Treat yourself, no matter what.


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